We stand on a world

We stand on a world


We stand on a world

Gravel roads

Ocean ground

Bathroom tile

Carpet aisle

Cement basement

Sunburnt pavement

Haircut grass

Valley mountain



Move your feet

And you move your floor

Treadmill changing

Turning colors

Earthen patchwork

Where urban stitches

Thread beneath

It will always follow

Because it’s always



But life has heavy heals

Weight of our bodies

Leave footprint wear

Seam rippers worse

Crafting gaping tears

Rocks under callused

Skin bruised feet


And we can’t float

We’re not boats


So much time

Spent star searching

And distance gazing

Eyes forgetting

To watch the fabric

Wrinkling under

Our fast-foot pace

Neglecting to see

It’s foundation

That we really need


But absence

Quickly hands over

A magnifying glass

Making brilliant bright

Our sad little oversight

That we can’t fly

Our home’s ground

Not sky

Reality is gravity

Not levity


Wish for sunset beds in clouds

Dream hammocks

Of woven water droplets

Drown every penny

But soundless pockets

Will loudly prove

Vacuum space below

Leaves arms up-stretched

Saying hold me

Please don’t let me go


No heaven hands

To raise us up

Only echoed prayers


Against walls

We built as they


What is our world

Without its mass

My life your life

Without its past


What do we have left

When we choose to consider

Every piece we built

We placed the blocks without

Sound thought

And now to go back

Is to break apart

To willingly say

I will fall through space

I’ll walk on air