Lindsay MaillouxComment

Bedtime Haikus

Lindsay MaillouxComment
Bedtime Haikus

Bedtime Haikus

Way too many words

Computer screen endless page

Maybe just twelve more


Feeling a feeling

Deep blue round glasses sad

Pushing a button


Nightshade light resting

Thoughts quieting digesting

Time to fall asleep


Transition me to

Black dark serenity please

A place of no dreams


Seven syllables

Each catching, holding, showing

What’s inside my heart


Standing and knowing

Something they can never know

Unless I tell them


Grey pen in my hand

Phone light propped against my chest

This is how I’m brave


Broken skin stretched thin

Let me curl up in a ball

Living is just hard


Stunted growth I’m me

Anxiety-wrought shaking

Not who I want to be


Dreams reality

Not in the same universe

You have to pick one


Pushed, poked, pulled stretched thin

A mind with ragged edges

Please just set me free


Morning not my friend

‘Nother day ‘nother dollar

Then it’s time for bed


Outline of myself

Maybe ten feet before me

Still I can’t reach her


Release let go breathe

I want more than anything

But I can’t seem to


It’s less than a week

But I might not survive it

Let me fall asleep


What makes me happy

Is a mystery certain

Rain shine smile and frown


I’ll say a prayer

But it won’t be beautiful

Take my honesty