I am the stranger

I am the stranger

I am the stranger


I am the stranger

Shivering in rain mist

Who walked through your doors

Because of that damn

Screw perfectly pointed

Spearing flawlessly

Stealing all the

Breath it had no use for

What should have been

Twenty minutes

Of lazy traffic

Turned three hours

Of dead end phone calls

Glove box rifling

Directions and driving

And tires deflating

Your kindness was

My treasure hunt’s end

The friendliness in your voice

Making me feel safe

I couldn’t call my dad

But I think he would have

Trusted you


I am the stranger

Who saw you fall

Couldn’t tell what was going on

But saw enough to stop

Asked your friends if you were okay

Your mind was in another place

Your eyes wide and empty

I laid you flat

My hands on your chest

Feeling it rise with your breath

My fingers pushed

To the skin of your neck

While my other hand

Reached to call for help

When you came back

I pressed you to not get up

To stay and wait

Warned that you hit your head

There could be something

Underneath I couldn’t see

But you said you were okay

I left not knowing your name


I am the stranger

The girl in the car

A little too ambitious


That parking job

My windows down

Music floating

Close enough to reach you

You saw my error

Beckoned forward

Then motioned back

Spread your hands

The length I had left

A width not wide enough

You said you’d

Be clearing a spot

Soon enough

I said I’d give it one more go

Made the same mistake twice

Gave a sheepish shrug

Assured you

I’d just pull around back

I’d be just fine


I am the stranger

Who opened the creaky old door

That you already had a key to

You had a friendly thick beard

A voice to match its meter

Explaining the neighbor’s water

Had dropped pressure

Just checking in on mine too

I had entered not thirty

Seconds sooner

Desperate to shed my work clothes

And get hair off my shoulders

But I led you to the kitchen

The basement, the bathroom

Everything checked your boxes

But you couldn’t find

Some central pump

Said you might have

To come back later

I locked the door behind you

Relieved to be left

With the silence

Of my alone home


I was the stranger

You were all strangers too

That’s how we all start

To each other

All the same

Holding these pieces of


To show and shine

Sometimes shielding

Things inside

I can’t help but think

How you need me

And I need you

I can’t help but think

We’re connected

This thread of the world

This weaving of life

Dear stranger

We breathe the same air

Share an atmosphere

We live alive

Look up at the sky

And sometimes collide